Damaged LCDs, cracked LCDs, blank screen, all white screen, distorted colors

This could all be signs of a damaged or malfunctioning LCD screen.  We can help you get your laptop back up and running.

Average costs for a screen replacement is $175.00 – $250.00+.

Prior to 2009 all laptop screens were being made with a CCFL backlight.  After 2009 most if not all laptops are now using a LED backlight.

Due to manufacturer’s ceasing production of the CCFL backlight LCD panels they have become scarce and hard to find.  However, many 3rd party companies have released a conversion cable which allows the use of the modern LED LCDs with older laptops.

There are some issues with using the conversion cable.  You cannot adjust the brightness of the LCD screen.  It will be at max brightness.

If you do opt for the CCFL we can special order them but due to the limited availability worldwide the price may vary.

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