Data Recovery Services for Honolulu, Hawaii

We provide data recovery services for your failed hard drive.

Common symptoms of a failed or failing hard drive are:

  • Constant clicking noise coming from computer
  • Buzzing or grinding noise computer from computer
  • Constant slight beeping noises coming from the computer

Physical signs you can see happening with your computer

  • Computer locks up, unable to move your mouse
  • Computer displays SMART error, hard drive failure detected please backup and replace hard drive (this is one variation and may differ from different manufacturers but the general wording is the same)
  • Blue screen of death
  • Clicking on hard drive within My Computer freezes your computer or crashes your computer
  • Extreme sluggishness on your computer, things that normally take a few seconds can take minutes even hours

What to do if you encounter these symptoms?

If you encounter any of these signs or symptoms, our best advice is to stop using the computer as continuing to use the computer can make recovering your data harder.  Call us or bring it in and we can hook it up to our system and check on it and see what the best course of action is to take.

Why do some people charge so much for data recovery?

Depending on the severity of damage to your hard drive there are different methods of recovery available.  You may have gotten quotes for $1,000.00 and up for a recovery job.  This is usually a result of the hard drive requiring surgery to recover your data.  The drive may have a damaged head or spindle which are both internal parts to your hard drive.  The easiest way to think about it is this type of recovery is similar to a doctor having to perform an organ transplant, only it’s with actual hard drive parts.

Our services are based on three tiers.

  • First tier is Tier I and this would be a logical data recovery where we hook your hard drive up to our systems and use our specialized software to read your hard drive.
  • Tier II is where special hardware is required to read and recover your data from your hard drive.
  • Tier III is when it would require undergoing the knife aka surgery and have a transplant done.


  • Tier 1
    • $300 per drive
  • Tier 2
    • $600 per drive
    • Western Digital My Passport drives or drives that have encryption enabled by default
    • External hard drives that have built in USB to SATA connector (normally WD My Passport drives)
    • Hard Drives larger than 2TB

We do not charge you if we are unable to recover your data, there is no fee to even attempt to see if we can recover your data.  So no data = no charge!