I woke up and read my various RSS feeds and noticed that Apple’s latest operating system, OS X Mountain Lion was released to the general public.

You are probably wondering what is so good about Mountain Lion?  Well, to find out I went and purchased it for $19.99 via the Apple Mac App Store.  It took probably about 15 minutes total from the point I launched the installation until the point it completed and I could login to my user account.  This is with an Intel 320 SSD though so your mileage may vary.

I can tell you coming from OS X Lion that you won’t see too much changes right off the bat.  The main noticeable difference that I saw was the notification/reminders/notes etc system up in the top right hand corner.  If you click on the icon farthest to the right of the top bar, it sits right next to the Spotlight icon, you’ll see a space open up with info coming from your calendar, reminders and whatever else that may be utilizing your notification system.

I’ve read various reports that the time it takes to wake up from sleep has improved although I did not test this out.

There was an indication after I logged in that there were two programs that weren’t compatible with Mountain Lion.  I looked in the folder and saw two really random programs that I no longer use.  So as far as compatibility goes, if you are using programs that are recent, you really should not have any problems.  BUT!  Always check before upgrading as I would hate for you to take my advice and then find out after the fact that it is not compatible, especially if you use your Mac for business!

I’ll update this post as time goes by.  So far so good.